All Seller API Endpoints

All API endpoints, Offer, Order or otherwise are listed below, click on the API to navigatie to the applicable documentation.

Resource HTTP verb Endpoint Description
Offers  GET /offers/v2/export/ Prepare export of all your offers
Offers  GET /offers/v2/export/:generated-file.csv Retrieve generated export file
Offers  PUT /offers/v2/ Create or Update an offer
Offers GET /offers/v2/:ean Get a single offer
Offers DELETE /offers/v2/ Delete one or more offers
Commission GET /commission/v2/:ean Get Commission information on an EAN
Reductions list GET /reductions/ This endpoint will return a list EAN’s that are eligible for reductions on the commission fee
Reductions latest GET /reductions/latest/ The endpoint below will return a filename of the latest reductions list.
Inventory GET /services/rest/inventory/  Retrieve status of your FBB Inventory
Orders GET /services/rest/orders/v2 Retrieve all open orders
Orders PUT /services/rest/order-items/v2/:id/cancellation Cancel an order
Shipments GET /services/rest/shipments/v2 Retrieve all sent shipments (including FBB)
Shipments POST /services/rest/shipments/v2 Create a shipment
Shipping-labels GET /services/rest/purchasable-shipping-labels/v2?orderItemId=:id Retrieve purchasable shippinglabels
Shipping-labels GET /services/rest/transports/v2/:transportId/shipping-label/:shippingLabelId Retrieve purchased shippinglabel
Transports PUT /services/rest/transports/v2/:id Add track&trace information to a shipment.
Process-status GET /services/rest/process-status/v2/:id Retrieve status of POST/PUT request.
Return-items GET /services/rest/return-items/v2/unhandled Retrieve open returns
Return-items PUT /services/rest/return-items/v2/:id/handle Handle open return-item.
Payments GET Deprecated, replaced by Invoices


Retrieve payments for a specific month
Invoice List GET /services/rest/invoices?period=:yyyy-mm-dd/yyyy-mm-dd Retrieve a list of invoices for a given period.
Single Invoice GET /services/rest/invoices/:invoice-id Retrieve a specific invoice