All Seller API Endpoints

All API endpoints are listed below. Please click on the API to navigate to the applicable documentation.

Resource HTTP verb Endpoint Description
Offers  GET /offers/v2/export/ Prepare an export file of all your offers.
Offers  GET /offers/v2/export/:generated-file.csv Retrieve a generated export file.
Offers  PUT /offers/v2/ Create or Update an offer.
Offers GET /offers/v2/:ean Get a single offer.
Offers DELETE /offers/v2/ Delete one or more offers.
Commission GET /commission/v2/:ean Get Commission information on an EAN.
Reductions list GET /reductions/ This endpoint returns a list EANs that are eligible for reductions on the commission fee.
Reductions latest GET /reductions/latest/ This endpoint returns a filename of the latest reductions list.
Inventory GET /services/rest/inventory/  Retrieve the status of your FBB Inventory.
Orders GET /services/rest/orders/v2 Retrieve all open orders.
Orders PUT /services/rest/order-items/v2/:id/cancellation Cancel an order.
Shipments GET /services/rest/shipments/v2 Retrieve all sent shipments (including FBB).
Shipments POST /services/rest/shipments/v2 Create a shipment.
Shipping-labels GET /services/rest/purchasable-shipping-labels/v2?orderItemId=:id Retrieve purchasable shippinglabels.
Shipping-labels GET /services/rest/transports/v2/:transportId/shipping-label/:shippingLabelId Retrieve purchased shippinglabel.
Transports PUT /services/rest/transports/v2/:id Add track&trace information to a shipment.
Process-status GET /services/rest/process-status/v2/:id Retrieve the status of POST/PUT request.
Return-items GET /services/rest/return-items/v2/unhandled Retrieve open returns.
Return-items PUT /services/rest/return-items/v2/:id/handle Handle an open return-item.
Payments GET Deprecated, replaced by Invoices


Retrieve the payments for a specific month.
Invoice List GET /services/rest/invoices?period=:yyyy-mm-dd/yyyy-mm-dd Retrieve a list of invoices for a given period.
Single Invoice GET /services/rest/invoices/:invoice-id Retrieve a specific invoice.