API keys

To access the API, you will need API Keys. These keys are unique for every Seller Account and can be found in your Seller Dashboard after you have logged in to your account on bol.com. The keys are located under “instellingen”, on the page “API Instellingen” (see images below).

Note: there are two types of API keys available, namely test and production keys. The former ones can be used to access the API Test Facility whilst the latter ones allow you to manage your offers/orders for real on the bol.com website.

locate api keys 1


On the “API Instellingen” page you will also find a switch to activate the API (see image below). Please read the related message below carefully.

WARNING: Only use this switch if you want to use the OFFER API Version 1. If you are using the latest version of the OFFER API (v2, after March 2017), the OFFER API will also work if the switch is set to ‘Nee’.

When activating the Offer API Version 1, all your current offers will be removed in order to start over with the API.

This switch is not required for the Order API, as the Order API is always available.