Product Content API

Please note: Product Content is still in Beta phase which means it is only accessible by a limited group of retailers.

The product content section of the API can be used to send your product content towards

Logical process flow


1. Get product data model (NOT YET IN THE API)

You can get the product content data model here.


2. Post product content according to the data model (endpoint: Post product content)

  • You can use this POST request to deliver content to, according to the defined data model (1). Currently, the data model can be obtained from
  • After the POST, we will return a response with an id and a status update : PENDING / SUCCESS / FAILURE


  • A maximum of 100 products or 1.5 MB can be put in one request
  • The EAN attribute is mandatory per product during the Beta
  • In order to receive feedback on your uploaded content per product, you can supply an internal reference (internalReference field). This value must be unique per product. We use the internal reference per product so we can give you feedback based on this internal reference.


3. Request if upload has been successfully processed (endpoint: Get process status by ID)

With the ID you get after posting content (2) you can check if the process is completed (process status = SUCCESS). Then you will get an entityId, you can use to retrieve feedback on your uploaded content (4).


4. Get validation feedback on the uploaded product content (endpoint: Get validation report)

To retrieve feedback on your upload you can use this GET request. You can use the entityId from the “Get process status by ID” endpoint (3).

The feedback comes in the form of a validation report and it will contain:

  • Validation information: was your uploaded content accepted by
  • Only the failed products / attributes are in the validation report
  • No Image, titles, category, brand, person (actor, writer, etc) information (this will be included at the beginning of 2020, before the general release)
  • No validations provided on wrong unitIds or invalid attribute ids (this will be included at the beginning of 2020, before the general release)

Link to technical documentation

The following error codes exist in the validation report.

Error codes Meaning
1000 Whole product is rejected. Most probably the EAN or product classification is missing
1001 Attribute is rejected because its format does not adhere to the data model requirements
99999 Unknown error



  • The validation report is available for 28 days. After this period, you cannot retrieve the validation report anymore.
  • If you send the a product within the same minute twice, we will not be able to give you feedback on that product (this “issue” will be resolved at the beginning of 2020, before the general release)



Example response 1 – supplied content was accepted

"status": "VALIDATED_OK"


Example response 2 – supplied content was validated with failures

  "rejectedProductContents": [
      "internalReference": "1",
      "rejectedAttributes": [
          "attributeId": "Product Width",
          "rejectionErrors": [
              "code": 1001,
              "message": "Attribute did not validate.",
              "reason": "Does not meet field requirements. Make sure your input aligns with our data model"
} Development Center