API v3 – Cancellations

In some cases a customer or partner may cancel an order or order item. How you do this is important, as explained below.


Customer requested cancellations

When retrieving the Get single order request you will receive a value <cancelRequest> with every orderItem. Whenever this value is set to True, it means the customer has changed his/her mind and has cancelled the order. You don’t need to ship this orderItem, and we will refund the customers’ payment. We do require you to confirm this customer cancellation through this cancellation endpoint.

It is possible that a customer only cancels a single item within an order. You need only cancel this one item, and can ship the others.

Please select the corresponding <reasonCode>REQUESTED_BY_CUSTOMER</reasonCode>, when using the cancellation request. A customer cancellation will not count negatively towards your Retailer Performance Score.


Seller cancellations

If you are unable to fulfil the order request, e.g. due to missing of stock, you can cancel the order yourself by using this cancellation request. We will refund payment to the customer.

Keep in mind though that a Retailer requested cancellation counts negatively towards your Retailer Performance Score. Using the reason code REQUESTED_BY_CUSTOMER without a customer request will count negatively as well.





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