API v3 – Commissions and reductions

Of every purchase via the bol.com plaza platform a small margin, also known as commission, is deducted from the purchasing price.

The commission consists of a fixed amount and percentage of the selling price and may vary depending on the product categories.

Using our commission endpoints you can identify and calculate relevant commissions per EAN and adjust your price accordingly.

Additionally, you can provide us a selling price and we will calculate and return the applicable commission fee. This option is available in both single and bulk requests and is set by either a parameter in the single request, or element in the bulk request. For the bulk endpoint, you can provide a maximum of 100 ean’s in one single request.


In addition to commission, the commissions endpoint can return reduction information as well. Some EAN’s are eligible for reductions in the commission fee. In this case an additional element called “reductions” is returned, showing the boundaries for when reductions become active.

To retrieve the entire list, first use GET /reductions. This will download a file that is 13 MB or more. With this file you will receive the filename in the Content-Disposition response.

Please use GET /reductions/latest to get the filename of the most recent reductions-list. Do not use the GET /reductions endpoint again unless this filename has changed.

By checking GET /reductions/latest and comparing this to your most recent download you can be certain that you are always up-to-date.

All information regarding reductions can be found on the dedicated page on partnerplatform.bol.com (in Dutch).