API v3 – Credentials

To access the API, you will need API Client Credentials. These credentials are unique for every Seller Account and can be found in your Seller Dashboard after you have logged in to your account on bol.com.


To get your credentials, first go to ‘instellingen’  on the home page of your Seller Dashboard:


Then find the ‘ API instellingen’  as a submenu on the ‘instellingen’  page:


On the API Instellingen page you will be asked to supply a Technical contact. This information is required to gain access to your API Client Credentials.

Your contact details will only be used to directly contact your IT-representative in case of severe downtime of the API or to inform them of a mandatory update. They will not be used for any promotional e-mails.


After supplying your technical contact, you can generate credentials by clicking on the ‘Aanmaken’ button.


In case you use multiple parties to manage your bol.com traffic and information, it’s possible to generate multiple unique Client Credentials. This way it becomes more user-friendly to manage your plug-ins, disable just one plug-in instead of all and allow for better testing.


Authorized parties

To aid connectivity through third-party services an ‘Authorized parties’ option is available in the bol.com seller dashboard. Selected intermediaries have been authorized to install a quick set-up in their dashboard.

Using the quick set-up the partner is redirected to a bol.com login page. After logging in, your intermediary account is instantly connected to your bol.com seller account and ready to start.

Through the authorized parties menu you can also revoke rights from a party to stop all communication through this channel


Still using the old API?

We recommend switching to the new API as soon as possible. If your intermediary has not yet upgraded, you can still access the old Keys.

Click the “Nee” slider at the bottom of the page to access the old API keys.

Old Api Keys