API v3 – Fulfilment by bol.com

Endpoints for this chapter refer specifically to Fulfilment By Bol.com (FBB), also known as “Logistiek via bol.com (Lvb)”. These endpoints are used for ‘inbound shipments’; supply shipments to the bol.com logistics warehouse for the products you want to sell through the FBB network.

To utilize any of these endpoints you must be registered for Fulfilment By Bol.com. For more information and the registration procedure please refer to our dedicated webpage (in Dutch).


Currently the following endpoints are available:

  • Available delivery windows
  • Available transporters
  • Creating an inbound
  • Retrieve a single or list of inbound(s)
  • Retrieve FBB product labels
  • Retrieve inbound shipping labels
  • Get Inventory


Besides specific FBB endpoints, some existing endpoints can use FBB parameters:

  • FBB filter options for the Shipments endpoint
  • FBB filter options for the Orders endpoint (keep in mind that bol.com handles the orders. we recommend using the shipments endpoint instead of open orders)
  • FBB filter options for the Returns endpoint
  • Fulfilment method element for Offer endpoints
  • FBB invoice information through Invoices endpoints