API v3 – Invoices

Bol.com uses a monthly ‘All in one’ invoicing system. The first day of the month we create the ‘All-in-one’ invoice for partners to retrieve.

We use three different invoice endpoints, each returning a different level of specification:


1. Invoices

Returns the available invoice including invoice id and minimal summary of monetary totals.

2. Single invoice

Returns an invoice with summaries of the available line types.

3. Invoice specification

Returns all transactions for a specific invoice.


Step 1 is necessary in order to retrieve the invoice id. After that you can choose to proceed to steps 2, 3 or just one of these based on the requirements of your financial management system.


Note: Please refer to Appendix A for a list of Invoice line types, as the new All-In-One invoice can consist of over 16 different Invoice line types.



Appendix A Invoice line type

Invoice line type Further explanations
COMPENSATION Compensation for lost items.
CORRECTION_COMMISSION Correction in the commission costs in case of a return.
CORRECTION_CORRECTION This can be almost everything. Some examples that might occur: NCO (Non Commercial Order), URO (Unsellable Return Order), bSKU labelling or stock corrections.
CORRECTION_OUTBOUND Correction on shipment costs in case of a return.
CORRECTION_PICK_PACK Correction on picking & packing costs in case of a return.
CORRECTION_TURNOVER Correction on turnover in case of a return.
INBOUND Costs for receiving incoming FBB inventory.
NCK_STOCK Costs for FBB not saleable inventory.
OUTBOUND Costs for a FBB shipment: transport, packaging material and handling costs.
PICK_PACK Picking & packing costs.
PLAZA_RETURN_SHIPPING_LABEL Costs for a return label.
SHIPMENT_LABEL Costs for a shipping label.
SHIPMENT_LABEL_POST Costs for a shipping label from PostNL. PostNL is VAT exempt and all other transports have the standard high TAX rate.
STOCK Costs that are made for your FBB inventory.




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