API v3 – Process status

All post, put and delete requests enter our queue and will be handled as soon as possible. As it takes time for a request to be processed, you will not immediately receive complete feedback on its success or failure.

Therefore, it is essential that you check the status of your shipment after sending your shipment request. This status can be checked using the process-status endpoint.

All post, put and delete requests return a process-status-id to use in this endpoint, with the exception of the POST Commissions request.

Process-statuses are stored for a maximum of one month. You cannot request the process-status for a process initiated longer than one month ago.


Intended use

As the main use of the process-status endpoint is verification, it’s naturally combined after a put/post/delete request.

The following examples are the most commonly used endpoints. There are other requests that require the use of this endpoint as well.


1 Create shipment

In this case, the process-status is used to verify the processing of the shipment request. If the response to this process-status request is anything other than “SUCCESS” (or pending, before it reaches the success status), the shipment must be retried.

  • Get orders list
  • Get single order
  • Put ship order
  • Get process-status


2 Create new offer

When a new offer is created, we generate an Offer id to identify the offer. It is not possible to assign your own offer id. The offer id is returned in the process-status. Requesting the process-status after offer creation will show you if the offer was created successfully.

  • Post create new offer
  • Get process-status
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