API v3 – Returns

Bol.com offers several different endpoints for returns management. Starting with a summarized list of return id’s to reduce the load of each request. To view detailed information of a specific return, the get single return can be used. Using parameters it’s possible to retrieve handled and unhandled returns.

After a return package is received it can be processed using a PUT Handle return request.

Endpoint overview

The following endpoints are available:

  • Get returns list
  • Get single return
  • Put handle return item
  • Get process-status

This way you can retrieve your return, handle it and check the status of your handle request. In the new get returns endpont, you can use filtering to differentiate between handled and unhandled returns, and between Fulfilment by Bol (FBB) and Fulfilment by Retailer (FBR) returns.

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