Selling on process flow

The process that a product follows from creation to end is described below. You can use this as a basis to start your automation process.

Please make sure you understand the key concepts of our data model before you start.

Note: The Retailer API offers more options to manage your offers and orders, but the happy flow described below is the most common. Additonal API flows are available for shipping labels, invoices and fulfilment by

Manage your products Add products

Manage product information

You don’t need to add new products to sell on, as you can add offers for existing products.

However, if you want to add products or manage product information, you can use our product FTPS connection. (content only)

Add offers to the marketplace Insert your offers into your account

Set your delivery time

Set your price

Set your stock will check your offers and add them to the shop.

Please check out our offers page for more information.

When adding an offer, please make sure you understand that a commission is paid for each purchase. There are various commission endpoints available.

Start selling Regularly check for open orders will list all orders you have received and not yet shipped.

The order flow is described here.

Process your orders and cancellations Ship the orders that you have picked

Select a transporter to send your shipment

Add transport information to your shipments

Check the status of your Shipment request

Check for and confirm cancellations will use this information to notify customers that their order is on its way. will supply customers with the tracking information of their order.

In case an order (item) is cancelled, please make sure to confirm the cancellation.

The shipment and cancellation endpoints are part of the order flow, as explained here.

Manage your returns Regularly check your returns

Handle your returns

Customers can create a return request through their account. We will supply you with the information on these returns and supply the customers with a return-label.


Please look at our return page for more information.

Prepare for more sales Send us updated stock values

Adjust your pricing

Update your delivery time

Keep us informed on how much stock is left. This way, a customer will never receive a ‘no’ for an answer.

Try to improve your delivery time to get a higher conversion rate and to improve your position regarding the buy box.

Stock, price and delivery promise updates are part of our offer flow.