Beta v3 – Disclaimer

The closed beta program of the retailer API v3 provides the participants with the opportunity to provide feedback on our services, so that can improve them.

Incidents and issues found during the beta will be solved as soon as possible. However, support in the beta phase is still based on best effort and only available during office hours.

Beta participants are required to:

  • Have a rollback scenario ready to reconnect to the v2 version
  • Report issues directly to the project team, and not to the regular channels (Partner service)
  • Be available twice per week to provide feedback
  • Report small and medium issues by e-mail, and only incidents by phoning your project contact
  • Be the first point of contact for their own retailers (in the case of the participant being an intermediary for retailers)

To facilitate the beta process, will:

  • Provide a dedicated point of contact for the beta participants
  • Ensure that incidents caused by the beta will not impact Seller Performance Score and not generate strikes
  • Will provide clear feedback and planning of issue status and solution
  • Provide the relevant credentials and documentation required to connect to the v3