Beta v3 – shipping labels

Please note that this documentation describes the beta version of our Retailer API version 3. This page is intended only for use by the partners participating in our beta testing program.

Endpoints can still be subject to change and support is limited in the beta phase.


Shipping labels

Shipping labels can be expensive, especially for products with low margins. As a service to help our partners, offers ‘Voordelig verzenden via’.

This service allows you to benefit from the bulk discounts on shipping labels, making them less expensive if you purchase them through us.

To make use of this service through the Retailer API we’ve created a guide to help you through the process step by step.


Before we start

It’s important to note that each shipment is unique. For example; shipping-label options can differ depending on size of the article or destination. It is therefore important to check available options every time you use this method of shipping to avoid failed requests.


Intended use

The following endpoints are needed to complete the entire shipping label flow:

GET – orders
Here you retrieve the orderItemId to identify an item you wish to ship.


GET – purchasable shipping labels
Based on the orderItemId you can retrieve available shipping label options.


PUT – ship order item
When creating a shipment, make sure to include the shippingLabelCode. Always check the process-status of a shipment.


GET – shipment list
Via this endpoint you retrieve a list of your shipments.


GET shipment by shipment id
With this endpoint, you can retrieve the transportID you need for the shipping labels call


GET – shipping label
This endpoint returns the shipping label pdf based on transport-id.


After completing this process your order will be confirmed and ready for shipment using the pdf shipping label to label your package. All fees are automatically deducted from your monthly invoice.