Cancel an order item

Cancels a specific OrderItem within an Order.

This endpoint can be used to either confirm a cancellation request by the customer, or to cancel an order you yourself are unable to fulfil.

Customer requested cancellations

When retrieving the open order list through the order request you will receive a value <CancelRequest> with every orderitem. Whenever this value is set to True, it means the customer has changed his mind and has cancelled his order. You do not need to ship this orderitem, and we will refund the payment to customer. We do require you to confirm this customer cancellation through this cancellation endpoint, It is possible that a customer only cancels a single item within an order. You need only cancel this one item, and can ship the others.

Please select the corresponding <ReasonCode>REQUESTED_BY_CUSTOMER</ReasonCode>, when using the cancellation request. A customer cancellation will not count negatively towards your Retailer Performance Score.

Retailer requested cancellations

If you are unable to fulfil the order request, e.g. due to lack of stock, you can cancel the order yourself by using this cancellation request. We will refund payment to the customer.

Keep in mind though that a Retailer requested cancellation does count negatively towards your Retailer Performance Score.

PUT /services/rest/order-items/v2/:id/cancellation


Name Type Description
OrderItemId integer Required. The article within an order that you wish to cancel. You can find the OrderItemId through the Order request.
PUT /services/rest/order-items/v2/206605326/cancellation


Name Type Description
DateTime dateTime ISO 8601 Required. Used to specify when this specific article within an Order was cancelled.
Formatt: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sTZD
ReasonCode string Required. Used to specify the reason for cancellation. The XSD lists the available cancellation options.

Example request

<Cancellation xmlns="">

Example response

Status: 200 OK

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ns1:ProcessStatus xmlns:ns1="">
 <ns1:description>Cancel order item with id 206605326.</ns1:description>
   <ns1:link ns1:method="GET" ns1:href="" ns1:rel="self" />

Note: For more information on the process-status endpoint, please read: process-status-v2.

Endpoint XSD

Download XSD for the orders-v2 endpoint below.