Offer FTPS documentation provides multiple options for automated offer management. The Offer FTPS is solely meant for this purpose; adding and deleting offers, price management, stock value’s, condition and delivery times of your assortment.

If you are looking for the fastest, near real-time and preferred offer management method, also check our Offer API documentation!

  1. Offer FTPS server access
  2. Building a feed
  3. Using the Offer FTPS
  4. Adding new products to the database
  5. Error message and feedback

1.      Offer FTPS server access

To make use of the Offer FTPS services an account should be created and linked to your seller account. Offer FTPS accounts can be requested on the dedicated page. See “Select your type of request” for more options like additional whitelisting and password reset requests.

Requirements for the use of FTPS:

  • A confirmed Offer FTPS account.
  • A FTPS client or intermediary built program for FTPS.
  • Whitelisted, static* IP-address(es) of the PC or server from which files are sent.
  • The correct settings for the FTPS client.

We provide both a Dutch and English guide for the correct FTPS settings.

Account creation or changes regarding whitelisting for your Offer FTPS account will be active approximately 2 hours after you have received confirmation via e-mail.

*The provided IP-address can only be a static, single IP-address. Dynamic and private IP-addresses as well as IP-ranges will not work for FTPS.

Please note: 3 unsuccessful login attempts will result in an IP ban. To remove your IP address from our blacklist please contact the Partnerservice. See contact information below.

TIP: To get to know your IP address, you can make use of:

Please perform this check while using the computer or server that you will use for offer uploads!

Linux / OSX CLI: $ curl or $ lynx
Windows server: Use the web browser and navigate to

2.      Building a feed

The Offer FTPS only accepts Comma Separated Value (.CSV) files for an offer feed. The format used to build an offer feed is described below.

File name, *YourSellerID*: 123456.csv
Line 1, version number: #v.2.3
Line 2, header: Reference,EAN,Condition,Stock,Price,Offer description,For sale,Title,Fulfillment by
Line 3 and on: Offers

Please note:
– The decimal separator for a price is ‘.’.
– Text in the Offer description column is an addition to the state of a second-hand offer and should start and end with quotation marks: “text……..”.*
– The offer feed is always a complete list of all offers for a seller for sale via

The maximum amount of offers for the Offer FTPS is 500.000 lines. Managing >500.000 offers is only possible via our Offer API.

*The column “Offer description” is only used for second-hand offers. In case of a new condition offer this column will be ignored whilst processing.

Example feed:

Click here to download an example file


Column Description Accepted values Mandatory
Reference Reference code for own use. E.g. item code or Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) Maximum of 20 characters No
EAN 13-digit EAN / ISBN number. 13 digits. (If less than 13, supplement with leading zeros)

More info

Condition Condition of the item. Enter ‘Nieuw’ if it is a new item. In case of second-hand items choose between ‘Als nieuw’, ‘Goed’, ‘Redelijk’ or ‘Matig’ depending on the state of the item. Nieuw, Als nieuw, Goed, Redelijk, Matig. See Conditions for an explanation. Yes
Stock The number of items in stock. The amount is automatically adjusted after an item is sold. Minimum value: 0 Maximum value: 999 Yes
Price The price of the product with a dot (.) as a decimal separator (Decimal). Minimum value: 0 Maximum value: 9999 Yes
Fulfillment by Delivery method of the order. Either by the seller himself (Verkoper) or via Logistiek via (Lvb). Lvb, Verkoper. If left empty will set to ‘Verkoper’ by default. No
Offer description This column is used to specify the condition of a second-hand item. E.g. if a book has a ripped cover you mention it in this column. Maximum of 2000 characters. No
Delivery code Delivery time in working days of your offers. See Delivery Codes for accepted values. Yes
For sale Toggle to change an item from for sale to not for sale. ‘j’, ‘y’, ‘yes’, ‘ja’, ‘n’, ‘no’, ‘nee’. If left empty will set to ‘Yes’ by default. No
Title Product title of the item. Only available for items that are currently unknown to the database to simplify the process of adding product information. Note: Cannot be used to change existing product titles. Maximum of 500 characters No

3.      Using the Offer FTPS

Within the Offer FTPS account a total of three folders exist. ‘Inbound’, ‘outbound’ and after the first upload, the ‘process’ folder appears.

  • Inbound: The target folder for your offer feed. Every 15 minutes this folder is checked for new files.
  • Process: Whilst being processed the feed will be temporarily stored in this folder.
  • Outbound: After processing the feed will be stored in this folder along with the feedback file.

To upload a feed the directory should be*YourSellerID*/inbound. Or, depending on your settings could be /*YourSellerID*/inbound.

When troubleshooting please make sure to check the feedback file* in de the inbound folder before requesting assistance. If you are not able to retrieve the feedback file via your client please install e.g. Filezilla, WinSCP or Cyberduck so that you can manually check this.

*See ‘5. Error message and feedback’ for more details on the feedback file.

Also see FTPS settings for often used FTP programs.

Only once every 15 minutes a new file will be imported, uploading a new file before 15 minutes has passed will not trigger a new import. For quicker offer management also see our Offer API documentation.

Depending on the size of the offer file, processing time can take up to 30 minutes.

4.      Adding new products to the database

In some cases your items and articles are not yet known at the database. This means that product information, i.e. content, should be added before you are able to sell your items. These items can be identified in the feedback file with error message “ISBN/EAN is onbekend in de database.” or in the seller dashboard tab “Aanbod” > “Onvolledig aanbod”.

To add product information to your offers you can either follow the steps in the seller dashboard, or make use of our Content FTPS.
Please note the difference between the Offer FTPS and Content FTPS. These are completely different services that require their own specific instructions. For more information please check our Content FTPS documentation.

5.      Error message and feedback

Uploads through the Offer FTPS receive feedback in the ‘Outbound’ folder. This file is available after the feed is processed and is formatted as a .csv file. In the following table you will find all error messages, with cause and solution provided.

Note that data in the ‘Outbound’ map is retained for 90 days. Data older than 90 days will be removed.

Error message Cause Solution
Referentie is ongeldig. Gebruik maximaal 20 karakters. The used reference code is too long. Use a reference code that does not exceed 20 characters. (Special characters count double)
ISBN/EAN is verplicht. The EAN element is empty for the offer. Add a valid 13 digit EAN number.
Aantal is ongeldig. Waarde mag niet groter zijn dan 999. The maximum stock value of 999 is exceeded. Adjust stock value to a maximum of 999.
Aantal is een verplicht veld. Stock is a mandatory element. Add stock to your offer.
Deliverycode is verplicht. DeliveryCode is a mandatory element. Add a Delivery code to your offer.
Deliverycode is ongeldig. The Delivery code is invalid. Use a delivery code as provided in Delivery Codes.
Prijs is ongeldig. Een prijs onder 1 euro is niet toegestaan. Invalid price / Price is a mandatory element. Add a price to your offer / Adjust the price of the offer to a value between 1 and 9999.
ISBN/EAN is onbekend in de database. No content matching the EAN number. Add the mandatory content through the seller dashboard or Content FTPS.


Contact information

For further questions regarding Offer FTPS please contact the Partnerservice.

030-3104996 (Netherlands)
02-788 5990 (Belgium)

Monday–Wednesday–Friday  from 8am to 6pm
Tuesday-Thursday from 8am to 8pm
Saturday from 10am to 4pm