Offer FTPS account – whitelist IP addresses or reset password

New Offer FTPS accounts could be requested until May 12 2020. Since May 12 it is no longer possible to request a new account. After May 12 the Offer FTPS will continue to exist for existing Offer FTPS accounts. After May 12, it will still be possible to reset the password and whitelist IP addresses for existing accounts.

If you want to automatically manage your offers after May 12 for a seller account that doesn’t have an existing Offer FTPS account, we would like to refer you to the API.

Fields marked with an * are required

The SellerID can be found in your seller dashboard.

Enter the IP address(es) of the server from which you are going to access the FTPS. Only static and public IP addresses are allowed. It's allowed to enter multiple IP addresses.