API Test Facility

In order to verify that Plaza API partner systems can interact with the Plaza API in a sandboxed environment, a test facility is provided, offering the same API as the production environment, but with fixed responses. This implies that no personalized data is used in the test facility, and that none of the data sent to the system is stored in a database. Calls to this system will not impact production data, and are therefore safe for partners to use while developing their systems.

All error conditions that apply to the production system apply to the test facility too: posts with malformed XML, missing and/or wrong headers, requests to non-existing resources, etc, will all result in the same errors as on the production system. See section Error codes and messages for more details.

The technical specifications of the interfaces are the same as those of the production system

Root endpoint

The test version of the API can be reached by connection to




7.3 Process status

Because the data on the test environment is Static, you will not be able to retrieve a process-status for your specific test request. We have some default statusses in place you can query in order to test if your process-status request is functional.


  • 123: Mimics a process request that was handled successfully.
  • 456: Mimics a process request that resulted in errors.
  • 789: Mimics a process request that has not been finalized yet.

All other process ids will result in a HTTP 404 (Not Found) result.

The DateTime fields contain the date and time of generating the XML. All other fields are static.