Appendix D – Offer Errors

Due to the asynchronous nature of this API errors are not reported immediately. Once the server processes the offer create or update request it will apply all sorts of business rules and decide whether the request is accepted or not.

If an existing offer that is published on the Webshop is updated with invalid parameters (I.e.: A price that is higher than € 9999,99) then that offer will be marked as “not published” and be taken offline.

So the main question for all offers is whether or not it is published. And if it is not published, then why is that.

For offers that are not for sale a Reason Code and Reason Message are returned in the list of all offers.

The first found reason will be returned. So even if there’s more than one reason why the offer isn’t published only the first encountered reason will be returned.

Element Description
Reason Code A global categorization of the reason. It is advised to use the Reason Category in program logic.
Reason Message A human friendly, more in-depth reason.
Note that the reason messages are prone to change and must not be used in program logic.


Reason Codes

Reason Codes Description
INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSIONS Permission issue. Most likely because caused by the seller not being allowed to publish articles in a particular category or the product itself can be banned from See the Error Description element for more details.
INVALID_OFFER There is information missing in the offer rendering it invalid.
NON_EXISTENT_OFFER The offer that was attempted to mutate doesn’t exist.
NOT_PUBLISHED_BY_SELLER The seller explicitly set the offer to “publish=false”
OUT_OF_STOCK The offer has no more stock according to the knowledge of
Note: When a seller indicates that he has 2 “Toy soldier – model X” in stock and those 2 get sold via that article will no longer be visible in our shop.
Any unfulfilled orders will affect’s perception of the seller’s stock.
UNMATCHED_OFFER The EAN specified for the offer is not found in’s databases and thus there is no product information available.

Create the product information in the seller portal first. When done, try to create the offer again.



All Reason Messages per Reason Code

“%s“ indicates a variable value.

Not permitted to sell products in this category.
Seller not permitted to sell product %s.
Seller not permitted to sell in this country.
Delivery time %s not permitted for seller.
Price %s not permitted for seller
Not permitted to sell this product: %s
The seller is not approved


Offer with id %s already exists for this product.
Value for stock too low: %s
Value for stock too high: %s
Delivery time is missing.
Comment not permitted: %s
Invalid EAN code: %s
Unknown delivery time: %s
Unknown condition
The offer is blocked by
Unknown fulfillment method
EAN too long: %s
Reference comment too long: %s
Comment too long: %s
Delivery code too long: %s


Offer not found or already deleted.
This offer has been deleted
The offer is expired


The seller has not marked the offer for-sale
The seller is on holiday


Unknown errorcode %s for offer
The offer status does not allow publication


Out of stock or remaining stock is reserved for pending orders


Unknown EAN code %s.