Upgrade guide naar Orders v2


The Orders endpoint in v2 has not changed in functionality, however there are changes in endpoint URI, new elements and changes in existing element names. Please check the Order Endpoint page for more information


Element Change
OpenOrders Renamed to Orders.
OpenOrder Renamed to Order.
OpenOrderItems Renamed to OrderItems.
OpenOrderItem Renamed to OrderItem.
Paid Removed.
Buyer Renamed to CustomerDetails.
Telephone Renamed to DeliveryPhoneNumber
FirstName Renamed to Firstname.
VatNumber Added.
ExtraAddressInformation Added.
ReferenceCode Renamed to OfferReference.
Condition Renamed to OfferCondition.
Price Renamed to OfferPrice.
CancelRequest Added.
DeliveryPeriod Replaced by PromisedDeliveryDate.

Shipments and Cancellations

New endpoints have been created for Shipments and cancellations.

To create a shipment in v2 please use:
POST /services/rest/shipments/v2, Check the shipment endpoint page for more information.

To cancel an order in V2 please use:
PUT /services/rest/order-items/v2/:id/cancellation, Check the order endpoint page for more information

Please note that  /services/rest/orders/v1/process/ endpoint has been removed and replaced by the earlier mentioned endpoints.

The old order processing endpoint allowed for processing an entire order in 1 API request, regardless of the amount of orderitems within an order.

The new shipment endpoint only allows for sending ONE orderitem per shipment. This means you will need to create a shipment for each orderitem within an order.


Processing-status endpoint has been renamed to process-status. Every PUT and POST request in v2 will reply with a process-status id. Please use this status-id the query the process-status endpoint and retrieve the status of your request. The process-status endpoint will provide you with a SUCCESS or FAILED message and the reason for this status.


The payments endpoint has not change in functionality, however some elements have been added or changed

Element Change
DateTimeShipment Renamed to ShipmentDate.
ShippingLabelCosts Added.
ShippingLabelVAT Added.
ShipmentReference Added.
ShipmentShippingLabelCosts Added.
ShipmentShippingLabelVAT Added.
ShipmentShippingLabelVATType Added.
ReferenceCode Renamed to OfferReference.
Price Renamed to OfferPrice.