IT Security requirements

Full list of IT Security requirements for ecosystem programs

We want to make the life of our sellers and customers as easy as possible. IT Security has a very important role in making lives easier. The last thing we, the sellers and the customers want is to have their (sensitive) data compromised. We as and you as an ecosystem partner process a lot of sensitive customer data as, addresses, contact information and order details. Hence, we have to process this data carefully. Everyone at has a role in this, we expect the same from your company.

All of our partnership levels are accompanied with different IT Security requirements. These requirements will become more strict with the higher levels. follows industry IT Security standards (e.g. ISO), so you don’t have to be in compliance just for us. You can use these IT Security ‘accomplishments’ also for your other customers/partners.

The requirements below are applicable to the Integrator, Shipment platform, Warehouse management and Bookkeeping program.

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