Digital Agencies

Following the success of the Integrator program, we created a partner program for digital agencies. Agencies are playing an increasingly important role in the ecosystem and in recent years, we noticed a trend towards D2C sales via marketplaces and

As a digital agency, you provide specialist knowledge that helps our sellers succeed on online marketplaces. On top of that, we firmly believe in the added value of agencies in regard to advertising and sharing data & insights. Sellers can benefit from an independent advisory partner with cross-channel insights that helps them improve their performance and grow their business.

Through the Digital Agencies program, we facilitate cooperation between marketplace agencies, our sellers, and We provide our sellers with insights into the key benefits and unique selling points of the agencies in our program, allowing our sellers to find the best suited agency to their needs.

Partnership levels

We aim to help our sellers navigate our ecosystem and guarantee quality standards. The Digital Agency program includes different categories: gold, silver, bronze and ambassador, each with their own specific requirements and benefits.

Benefits for agencies in the Digital Agencies program

All certified agencies get:

  • Promotion via our partnerplatform.
  • An agency label you can use on your website and in your communication.
  • Update mailings about relevant topics and innovations.

In addition, Bronze, Silver en Gold agencies get:

  • Contact with our Agency Account Manager (bronze, silver, gold).
  • Help from New Business Development with pitching en onboarding new leads (bronze, silver, gold).
  • Getting connected with prospects who want help from a Digital Agency (bronze, silver, gold).
  • The opportunity to invite to speak at your events and webinars (silver, gold).
  • Regular meetings and creating an account plan together with a dedicated Account Manager within (silver, gold).
  • Access to relevant pilots (gold).
  • The option to participate in events and webinars for sellers (gold).

How do I apply for the Digital Agency program?

We evaluate the applications once a year in December and make the selection for next year. Because we get a lot of applications, we start with making a first selection. After this first selection, we send out an RFI to the selected agencies and plan a meeting for a pitch.

We want to help our sellers choose a Digital Agency partner that best fits their needs. This is why we award the labels of Ambassador, Bronze, Silver, and Gold to the selected agency partners based on the RFI and pitch. Each label has its own set of benefits and are based on these requirements: the quality of the application and service, amount of sellers, advertising spend, the agency’s potential and proven experience of the agency.

These categories are evaluated on a yearly basis, enabling to maintain an accurate listing of high quality Agency partners.

Requirements for agencies in the Digital Agencies program

We have set three general requirements which you need to meet in order to apply. As an agency you need:

  • Experience with marketplaces services.
  • At least 1 dedicated marketplace specialist working at your agency.
  • Experience with supporting at least 3 sales partners on the platform.

If you meet the requirements, you’re able to apply until November 30rd 2023.


Do you want to grow your business together with us? Apply and we will contact you in December 2023.

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