Financing & Insurance

Financing and insurance program

As a financing or insurance partner of you will be part of our ecosystem and join us in our goal to make the life of our sellers easier. The purpose of this program is to strengthen collaboration, increase our businesses and improve the performance of the sellers on the platform.

We expect you to help our sellers by giving them access to finances or insurance, improving their application processes and increase their growth potential. In return for your investment in our partnership, we invest too. Our partners benefit from personal support, shared marketing and much more.

The partnership

Being in a partnership with us means that you should offer a finance or insurance product that is tailored to sellers and their mid- to longterm e-commerce needs. We want only the best for the sellers on our platform and expect them to be able to gain additional benefits compared to an ‘off the shelf’ solution. For example a better product in, flexibility, application speed or costs.

A partnership also means that we will help you connect with our sellers. Our APIs allow you to get all seller financials (after consent of that particular seller) and we will allow you on our Partnerplatform.

We are currently not partnering with revenue financing (a.k.a. factoring) providers and financing/insurance solutions that embed into seller environments.

Partnership program

Currently, we have two stages in our partnership program: 'Gold and Silver'. The difference is defined by one crucial factor; how much the service is customized to fit the needs of sellers.

If a service is made custom made for sellers, you will get a 'Gold' ranking. If the service is an existing product with small benifts for sellers, you will get a 'Silver' ranking.

As a base criteria to be eligible to join the program:

  • Parties need to be eligible to hand out loans & insurances
  • Parties need to meet our interest (APR) cap (for financing only)
  • Parties need to reach our IT security standards.


Do you have a financing product specially for sellers? Connect with us and we will come back to you as soon as we can!

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