PIM tooling

The PIM category

The aim of the PIM category is to help sellers to automate and improve the product content with the help of third parties that are connected to the bol.com API. This will help sellers to save time, improve their product content , increase sales and reduce returns. The purpose of the ecosystem is to serve sellers on bol.com. Therefore, in this proposal only PIM-tools will be accepted that serve bol.com sellers and not suppliers. Ecosystem experiences show that better corporation with third parties has a win-win-win effect for sellers, third parties and bol.com. We believe that by setting up partnerships with PIM third parties will help sellers with selling on bol.com and stimulate the adoption of PIM-tools.

The partnership

A partnership goes both ways. You will help our partners with improving their product content via your PIM tooling. Which means that we will help you connect with our sellers. Our APIs allow you to get all relevant data of our partners (after consent of that particular seller or supplier) to enable them to profit from your tooling.

The partner program of PIM-tools is segmented in three partnership levels; Gold partnership, Silver partnership or the Bronze partnership. Based on criteria the partnership segment is determined.

See below for the requirements, benefits and application form for our PIM category.

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