Plugin program

As a plugin partner of you will join us in our goal to make the life of our sellers easier by connecting their eCommerce platform with the platform.

Do you offer a connection between our platform and eCommerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify? If so, the Plugin program will help you grow your business and improve overall quality for our sellers.

The Plugin program helps sellers find the best Plugin partner that suits their needs and services their eCommerce platform. Within the program, your experiences and feedback is highly valued. In return, you will benefit with dedicated support, a listing on our partnerplatform, invitations to our events and access to new functionality.

Benefits for partners in the Plugin program

  • Promotion on the partnerplatform
  • Pre-release access to new API functionality and early access to API documentation through closed beta-programs
  • Promotion as launching partners for new (API) functionality (when applicable)
  • Access to webinars and (tech) workshops to discuss new functionality and share best practices
  • Offered support through API Operations

Difference with Integrators program

There is overlap between the services of integrators and Plugin partners, but there are two key differentiators: plugins offer a dedicated connection to one or few eCommerce platforms, while our Integrator program requires a connection to more than 5 platforms. Next to that, plugins allow sellers to work from their own eCommerce environment, while integrators (often) offer a dedicated interface for the seller.

Do you offer a connection to more than 5 platforms and more than 3 marketplaces? Then you are eligible for the Integrator program, read more about it here.


Do you want to grow your business together with us? Apply and we will come back to you as soon as we can.



Check what you need to do in order to gain the appropriate partnership level and what benefits come with each level.

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API documentation

With the Retailer API you can integrate your product and services with, allowing you to process orders from

Read our API documentation