Repricer program

Your repricer is aimed to help merchants sell on the platform. Automating pricing strategies saves time and maximizes the buying block percentage and thus sales based on the wishes of the seller. Your repricer allows a merchant to set a minimum and maximum price, allow for automated buybox tracking and leads to an increase in buybox win percentage.

Third parties are only eligible for this ecosystem if they offer separate repricer tooling. This means that it is possible for sellers to purchase only the repricer tooling (without the obligation of additional services like stock or order management).

Benefits for content parties in the Content program

  • Promotion on the¬†partnerplatform
  • To attribute in the design of new functionality
  • Access to webinars and workshops to discuss new functionality and share best practices
  • If applicable, access to 2nd-tier API Operations support


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Repricer requirements

API documentation

With the Retailer API you can integrate your product and services with, allowing you to process orders from

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