Shipment platforms requirements

Basic proposition requirements

In order to qualify for the partnership program, your service/product offering should at least include the following features:

  • Shipment brokerage (discount on shipping labels)
  • Automatic Track and Trace management
  • Integrations to platforms/shops and WMS/ERP
  • Shipment options to NL and BE

Partnership requirements

We want to make the lives of our sellers as easy as possible, and you, as our ecosystem partner, contribute to that. Our goal with the Bronze, Silver and Gold certification is to illustrate to our sellers how well the features of the platform are integrated. The higher the partnership level, the better the ecosystem partner’s retail experience should be for the seller.

Once a year, we’ll revise the requirements of the program in collaboration with our ecosystem partners. Through this process, we try to maintain an accurate and high quality listing of certified partners. Upgrades and downgrades happen once per quarter.

Partnership benefits

In return for your investment in our partnership, we invest too. Each partnership level has corresponding benefits, as shown below. Just like the requirements, we will revise the benefits once a year.