Sustainability Program

As a Sustainability partner of you will be part of our ecosystem and join us in our goal to make the life of our sellers easier. The purpose of this program is to strengthen collaboration, increase our businesses and most importantly lower the overall impact we make on our environment.

We expect you to help our sellers by giving them access to your sustainability services, giving them insights in their footprint and help them reduce and compensate for their emissions. In return for your investment in our partnership, we invest too. Our partners benefit from personal support, shared marketing and much more.

The partnership

Being in a partnership with us means that you should offer a sustainability product that helps our sellers and suppliers to become more sustainable. We want only the best for our partners on our platform and expect them to be able to gain additional benefits compared to an ‘off the shelf’ solution. For example a better product in, insights & reduction/ compensation, application speed or costs.

A partnership goes both ways. Which means that we will help you connect with our sellers. Our APIs allow you to get all relevant data of our partners (after consent of that particular seller or supplier) to enable them to become more sustainable in- and outside of Next to that your company will be shown on our Partnerplatform.

Benefits for Sustainable parties in the Sustainability Program

  • Pre-release access to new API functionality and early access to new API documentation through closed beta-programs
  • Access to webinars and (tech) workshops to discuss new functionality and share best practices
  • Access to the oAuth Codeflow to enable user-friendly keyless authentication
  • Promotion via our partnerplatform
  • Access to relevant Retailer API betas and pilots


Do you want to grow your business together with us and help our partners on their Sustainability journey? Apply and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

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Check what you need to do in order to gain the appropriate partnership level and what benefits come with each level.


API documentation

With the Retailer API you can integrate your product and services with, allowing you to process orders from

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