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API v4 will be switched off on May 2, NOT May 1st

Placed on:25 April 2022

As communicated earlier, the API V4 will be switched off on the 1st of May 2022, however, due the 1st of May being in the weekend, it’s decided the API V4 will be officially switched off on Monday the 2nd of May!

Still need to migrate? What is expected of you now?
You can arrange the migration yourself or have it done with the help of an integration partner. Are you already using 1 of our integration partners? Then you will automatically migrate to API V5 or V6 or V7. Please check this with your integration partner to be sure. If you have your own IT team or developer, please arrange the migration according to the below-stated migration guides.

The API V4 will continue to work for only 3 more weeks; you have until May 1, 2022 to migrate. Do this in time, so that your processes continue to work properly after this date. Take into account the IT time needed to migrate. Migrating can take up to a few weeks, depending on your integration and IT skills.

Use the following migration guides to make a smooth transition if you arrange the migration yourself:

Migration guide for V4 to V7

Migration guide for V4 to V6

Planning next versions
On this release planning page, you can read more about when an API version becomes available and when a version is removed. Keep a close eye on this planning, so that you know when you need to switch to the next API version.