Back to overview Retailer API V6: live on October 1st

Placed on:31 August 2021

On October 1st, the new version of the Retailer API will be released.
Next to several improvements, the new API adds a Subscription API that sends updates to a webhook, and the ability to retrieve information about Promotions.

New features:

Promotions: creates the ability to list information about campaigns and promotions that are applicable to a partner’s products.
Partners use Promotions to increase the visibility of their products. To read more about Promotions in general, click here (in Dutch)

Subscriptions: with the Subscriptions API you can subscribe to changes on orders, creating the opportunity to pro-actively inform your partners about changes in orders and removes the need of polling for changes.


Shipping labels:

  • When retrieving delivery options, a recommendation by for the best delivery type has been added
  • When retrieving delivery options, the shipping label type has been added


  • ‘transport events’ have been added for Verzenden via orders, providing more insight into shipments


  • Moved from BETA to General Availability in the V6

Other improvements include streamlining of multiple endpoints to consistent behavior

For more information, please visit the release notes here