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[Resolved] Issue with retrieving tokens

Placed on:24 June 2024

Some partners are currently experiencing an issue with retrieving tokens for our API's. Partners may receive a 401, 411 or 429 error. The issue is being investigated with high priority. We will post an update on this page once more information is known.

Update 24-06, 16:30
We have implemented a fix. This should solve the issue as of 16:30. If you unexpectedly still receive an error, please get in touch with Partner Service.

Update 25-06
Due to an infrastructure change on June 24, partners may encounter a '411 Length required' error message on the token call, indicating that POST requests require a Content-length header. Unfortunately, we were unable to anticipate that the change would make the Content-length header field mandatory, so we were unable to announce this in advance.

The issue can be solved by always adding a Content-length header to token requests. The following should be sent: Content-Length: 0. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Update 27-06
Unfortunately, some partners are still experiencing issues with retrieving tokens. Partners may receive a 401, 404, 429 or 502 error when requesting a token. These cases are currently being investigated with priority.

Update 28-06
We have implemented several fixes for the issues regarding the 401, 404, 429, and 502 errors. After 15:30 these authentication issues should no longer occur. If you unexpectedly still encounter problems regarding authentication, please get in touch with Partner Service.

Please note: since June 24 it is required to add a Content-length header to token requests (see the update from June 25). If you receive a 411 error, please add a Content-length header to your token requests.

Once again our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.