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The Retailer API v6 will be removed on May 1, 2023

Placed on:26 January 2023

The Retailer API v6 will be removed on May 1, 2023. Make sure you migrate to Retailer API v8 in time. It has a few important advantages.

Migrating yourself or through a third party

  • If you have your own API integration, please use the migration guides below to migrate from Retailer API v6 to v8 (both migration guides are required for migrating to v8). Please be aware that IT knowledge is needed for the migration.

    > Migration guide v6 to v7
    > Migration guide v7 to v8

    Migrating from API v6 to v7 is also possible, although migrating directly to v8 is probably a better option. API v7 will be turned off on November 1, 2023. API v8 will be switched off on May 1, 2024. Also, consider the IT time required to migrate. Depending on the integration with your systems, this can take up to a few weeks.

  • Do you use one of the third parties listed on this page? Then you don't have to take any action yourself, you will automatically switch to the next API version. Make sure your API integration is adjusted well in time, so it still works properly after May 1st.

How do I know which API version I'm using?
In the Accept header of your API requests, you can see which version you are using, among other things. Is it not possible to view this yourself? Please ask your technical contact or integration partner which version you are using.

Benefits of the Retailer API v8
The Retailer API v8 has some significant improvements and new functionalities compared to v6 and v7. For example, via v8 you can retrieve available product information, offers that are offline, and product category recommendations. With API v8 you can also retrieve orders in a more efficient way.

Release planning
Would you like to know when you can expect further API updates? Or when existing API versions are phased out? You can find this information in the API release schedule. Keep an eye on this schedule to know when to migrate to the next API version.