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[Resolved] GET offer requests failing and missing offer information

Placed on:21 October 2022

Currently we are investigating issues with GET offer requests and missing offer information in responses from our Orders API.

Update 12:39

The issue is not solved yet. We are working on it with emergency priority

Update 13:57

The root cause has been identified and fixed. For new orders the offer information should be available. We are working on a fix to restore the data for older orders.

Update 15:37

For the orders affected by this issue earlier today we will not be able to complete the missing offer information in the GET single order requests. If this causes problems for your integration, we suggest 2 solutions:

Proposed solution 1 : Use the SDD (seller account) to confirm/send the order

Proposed solution 2: Complete the response manually with data from the offer export (the information is there for the relevant EANs)

Alternative: If this will not be possible for you, the alternative is to not fulfil the order. If this results in a strike, we will remove that strike. Please contact us for that