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Warranty and repair conditions will be removed from Open API

Placed on:28 March 2023

As of May 1st 2023 the following fields will no longer be populated in the OpenAPI (catalog endpoints):

  • useWarrantyRepairConditions (Signals whether the warrantyConditions and repairConditions apply to this seller)
  • warrantyConditions (Specific return warranty terms that the seller applies)
  • repairConditions (Specific repair condition terms that the seller applies)

What will be the consequence of this change?

At this moment, the fields will not be deleted, but will return a default value for all requests.
There is no need to change your application is you do not rely on this field.

Why did introduce this change?

We have decided to make this change because these fields have very limited added value for our API users, but maintaining them require a considerable amount of effort.

These fields are important for my business, what can I do?

Please reach out to to share your use case and we contact you about this