Error codes and messages

Error message

Element Min Max Description
serviceError 1 1 Container for the error information
errorMessage 1 1 The error code and error message Format: BOL-ERROR [PAI-41000] = The message text
errorCode 1 1 The error code, e.g. 41000

HTTP error codes

Error Code Area Http Code Error message example Explanation
41101 Authentication Authorization HMAC 401 BOL-ERROR [PAI-41101] = No matching access key found The provided public key is unknown, blocked, blacklisted or for a different environment (test-app or live, which is based on the URL or
41102 Authentication Authorization HMAC 401 BOL-ERROR [PAI-41102] = Request contains invalid authentication headers One of the required request headers is missing or date header is not between +/- 15 minutes of the server time in GMT.
41103 Authentication Authorization HMAC 401 BOL-ERROR [PAI-41103] = Client and server signature do not match Signature is not correctly calculated. (maybe the proxy, firewall, etc. changes one of the headers).
41104 Authentication Authorization 401 BOL-ERROR [PAI-41104] = Not an active seller The provided public key belongs to a non-active PAI seller.
41201 XML message validation 400 BOL-ERROR [PAI-41201] = Message is missing required tag One of the required tags is missing. E.g. for processing shipments or cancellations, at least a ‘Shipments’ or ‘Cancellations’ container tag must be present. It is also possible to provide Shipments and Cancellations in one call.
41202 XML message validation 400 BOL-ERROR [PAI-41202] = element is x, but may not have a value larger than y The (numeric) value in element has a value x, which is too large. The maximum value is y.
41301 Shipments and cancellations: Processing status 400 BOL-ERROR [PAI-41301] = Request contains an invalid process order id The URL path parameter ProcessOrderId is not an existing process order id.
41401 Payments 400 BOL-ERROR [PAI-41401] = Malformed year/month specification in URL: x The URL path parameter YearMonth is not in the format yyyyMM.
41501 All 503 BOL-ERROR [PAI-41501] = Too many requests The Plaza partner exceeded the maximum number of requests within the period.
5001 General
500 Internal server error processing request. Please try your request again in a few moments or contact technical support if the problem persists. Either servers are (temporarily) down, or incorrect use of acceptheaders for the API v2.1 authentication.

XML Example of error result

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
	<errorMessage>BOL-ERROR [PAI-41003] = Request contains invalid authentication headers</errorMessage>


Download XSD for the service-error-1.5 endpoint below.