Offer to delivery

The process that an offer follows (through the API) from being created to being delivered and paid for is listed below.

Note: The Seller API offers more options to manage your offers and orders but the Happy Flow described above is the most common.

Start selling on will send you a letter with a verification code after you have sent an account request.

You can generate API keys yourself in your seller account.

Add your products the marketplace will check your offers and add them to the shop.
Start selling will list all orders you have received and not yet shipped.
Process your orders will use this information to notify customers that their order is on its way. will supply customers with the tracking information of his order.

Do not forget your returns Customers can create a return request through their account. We will supply you with the information on these returns and supply the customers with a return-label.
Prepare for more sales Tell us how much stock is left so we can make sure a customer will never receive a ‘no’ for an answer.

Try to improve your delivery time to get a higher conversion rate and to improve your position regarding the buy box.