Fulfilment by bol.com (LVB)

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The service “Logistiek via bol.com – LVB” or in English “Fulfilment by bol.com – FBB” follows the same processes when it comes to Offers and Orders, and therefore some of the FBB processes can be managed through the already existing API’s. However, certain options are only applicable for FBB and require their own endpoints or extensions on existing endpoints.

Attention: Not all FBB functionality is currently available through the API, some is still in development.

Note: For more information on LVB/FBB, please visit our Zakelijk Verkopen site.

Currently available FBB-specific Endpoints

Currently available FBB extensions on existing endpoints

  • FBB filter options for the Shipments endpoint
  • FBB filter options for the Orders endpoint
  • Fulfilmentmethod element for Offer endpoints
  • Lvb invoice information through Invoices endpoints

Not yet available FBB Endpoints

  • Get and handle returns