Get Offer Export

Get Offer Export File

After using the prepare offer export option you can request the generated CSV file by adding the supplied filename to your request.

GET /offers/v2/export/generated-file.csv

Example request

GET /offers/v2/export/ANPfPrkTlZBlTJfRrwoXkgTftCYiSZACgFPkawUXTqojSpFIvhfuAvKuQnOh.csv

Example response

Status: 200 OK

Note: This response is not formatted XML but as a CSV file. Please make sure you also set csv in your Accept-Header.

This file is cached for 1 hour. You can generate and retrieve a new version of this file only after this hour has passed. Requesting this file again within hour will download a cached version and might not reflect the changes you have made to your offers in the meantime. Please use the Get Single Offer request to view a specific Offer realtime.


Possible return values

In contrast to the version 1, there is no longer an OfferID. The unique identifier for an offer is it’s combination of EAN+Condition. This is now the same for API, FTP and Dashboard.

Name Type Description
EAN string EAN code for the product.
Condition string Whether the offer refers to a new or second hand product.
Available Conditions.
Price decimal The price of the product with a dot (.) as a decimal separator (Decimal). Maximum value: 9999
Deliverycode string The delivery promise that applies to this product.
Available Delivery Codes 
Stock int The amount of items in stock. Maximum value: 999.
Publish boolean Boolean (Y/ N ) determining whether the seller desires the product to be offered for sale on the website or not.

Note 1: This field is identical to the “ForSale” field that exists in the FTP variant of offer management. (Boolean)

Reference string A value that may help you identify this particular offer when receiving orders.
Description string A description that is only applicable when the chosen condition is NOT “NEW”. This described the condition of the article to the buyer.
Title string Title for this product as shown on the webshop. When the EAN is new for your input will be shown. When this is already a known EAN, the title will be shown.
FulfillmentMethod string Specifies whether this shipment will be fulfilled by the seller (FBR) or by (FBB).

possible values:

  • FBB
  • FBR
Published boolean Shows whether or not this offer is published on the website. It is defaulted to N by if any errors occur in this offer or if out of stock.
ReasonCode String if Published is set to N, this field will show the associated error code.
ReasonMessage string Explains the reason why this offer is not shown if Published is N