Incompatible Extensions & Shipping Methods

Incompatible Extensions

The module was designed to connect to the standard Magento options and should therefore be compatible with most other extensions that we’re also built along these guidelines.

The module however has proven not to be fully compatible with the following extensions:

  • Logixstar
  • Xtento – Simplify Bulk Order Processing: Order Manager

We cannot guarantee the module will work as designed if you have both extensions enabled.

Shipping Methods

As for shipping methods, the Module only has been tested with your standard Magento shipping configuration. If you want to use another method for example like Packs or Sendcloud, we can not guarantee the Magento Module will work properly. Therefore, we advise you to use one of the above-mentioned standard shipping methods if you want to use the Magento Module.

Please contact your Magento Administrator if you want to make changes to the code of either module to make them compatible.