Invoice line types

Invoice line type Further explanations
COMPENSATION Compensation for lost items.
CORRECTION_COMMISSION Correction in the commission costs in case of a return.
CORRECTION_CORRECTION This can be almost everything. Some examples that might occur: NCO (Non Commercial Order), URO (Unsellable Return Order), bSKU labelling or stock corrections.
CORRECTION_OUTBOUND Correction on shipment costs in case of a return.
CORRECTION_PICK_PACK Correction on picking & packing costs in case of a return.
CORRECTION_TURNOVER Correction on turnover in case of a return.
INBOUND Costs for receiving incoming FBB inventory.
NCK_STOCK Costs for FBB not saleable inventory.
OUTBOUND Costs for a FBB shipment: transport, packaging material and handling costs.
PICK_PACK Picking & packing costs.
PLAZA_RETURN_SHIPPING_LABEL Costs for a return label.
SHIPMENT_LABEL Costs for a shipping label.
SHIPMENT_LABEL_POST Costs for a shipping label from PostNL. PostNL is VAT exempt and all other transports have the standard high TAX rate.
STOCK Costs that are made for your FBB inventory.