New shipping label flow to enable our new Verzenden via proposition

Please note: the new shipping label flow is still in Beta phase which means it is only accessible to a limited group of retailers.


Step by step we are introducing our new Verzenden via proposition towards our partners. With this new proposition, we have the ambition to optimize our customer experience by providing an improved and more efficient shipping process. Resulting in delivery times up to 23:59 hrs (in line with’s) against competing shipping fee’s. Moreover, you are no longer held responsible for the performance of the transporter in case a shipment was delivered too late at the customer. Are you curious in all benefits of Verzenden via, take a look at our partner platform page for more details regarding Verzenden via


In order to make Verzenden via also successful for you as an API partner, we would like to open up the opportunity to get into contact with you as an automated API partner. In case you are connected with through an intermediary, please reach out to your intermediary for possibilities to participate.

What is the new shipping label flow?

An important part of the new shipping label flow are the newly introduced labels. A first step in this is to make new Verzenden via labels available through this new flow. Aside of the new labels, we also improved our logical structure in the API. This new shipping label flow is therefore replacing the shipping label flow from version 3. With this new shipping label flow, we aim to accomplish the following:

  • Less hassle in retrieving the right identifiers
  • Logically structured within the same API resource
  • Providing the label earlier in time, instead of making it available after you are sending us the shipment notification an order item
  • Making it future proof for our further roll-out of the Verzenden via proposition
  • Interchangeable labels between SDD and API in case you also make use of SDD
  • Better support in delivery options while still meeting the customer promise
  • More differentiated labels depending on the type of order and customer need

Want to participate?

Do you want to participate in this new flow and it accompanying shipping labels? Register quick for our beta-program so that you can help us in improving this flow. You can register yourself for this new flow through this registration form. Please note that spots are limited so be sure to register quick!

Also, take a quick look at our beta program page to make sure you understand what it means of being participated in a beta program.

Interested in more information?

Check out our new flow by consulting the functional documentation.