New Retailer API v3

The retailer API version 3 has been created to replace both the old External Offer API v2 and the External Order API v2.

Please realise that the v2 Offer and order API are end of life starting April 1 2019 and will be turned off on May 12 2020. Please migrate your connections to the API v3 before that time.



The v3 makes it much easier for retailers to connect their systems to The API has seen a complete overhaul to make it more consistent and user-friendly.

Changes include the introduction of clear conventions across the API, the addition of the JSON format, easier authentication, better technical documentation and a representative demo environment.

The offer flow has seen significant changes, and is now centered around the unique offer identifier (offerID).

Also, the following functional improvements have been made:

  • You can now see your handled returns and FBB returns
  • The offer flow has become much simpler and provides better feedback on your actions
  • Improved stock management
  • The possibility of independent stock, price and offer management


Greater flexibility

The Retailer API v3 is more flexible and enables us to provide you with new functionality more quickly.

New functionality will only be added to the latest version of the API.


How to migrate

Because the API v3 is very different from the External offer API (EOF) and External order API (EOR) v2, a detailed migration guide would not be helpful. We recommend that you read the functional documentation on this website, the redoc description of the new endpoints and the new conventions page before you develop your connections.

These pages, together with the rest of the technical documentation, will guide you through the development process.


Deprecation schedule

With the release of a new version, a deprecated version is given a sunset date, after which that version will no longer be available.

Migration time from the v2 to the v3 version is a maximum of 12 months. We encourage you to migrate to the newest version as soon as possible.

Below you will find the deprecation schedule of the current versions.

*Postponed from the original date of 01-04-2020.