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[Solved] Retailer API | GET validation report having issues

Since approximately 11:45 this morning we are having some issues with the GET validation report. We are working on it. Update 23-11 14:15: Issue solved

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New datamodel available

The new quarter release of our datamodel is available on the following page. The planned changes will go live on November 8.

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Reminder: Content FTP will be phased out. After 01-04-2022 uploading via Content FTP is no longer possible.

Dear Partners, This messaged is aimed at partner using Content FTPS. If you are not using Content FTPS this message does not apply to you. After 01-04-2022 we stop allowing textual content and images to be delivered via FTPS. Before

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[Resolved] 22-12-2020 – Retailer API – Occasional timeouts validation report Product Content

Currently, the Retailer API may return timeouts when retrieving the Product Content validation report. We are working hard to resolve the issue. We expect it to be resolved before 17:00. We will post an update as soon as the issue

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[ Resolved] 01/10/2020 – Content API – Multiple 5xx errors

Since yesterday 30/09/2020, we are experiencing multiple 504 and other 5xx errors regarding the process status of the content API uploads. Currently, its not possible to receive the results of the content uploads. Once the issue has been solved, updates

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