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New Datamodel temporarily unvailable

Currently the latest version of the XML Datamodel for content uploads is not available. We are working on getting it back online. You can ofcourse still use the datamodel you’ve downloaded previously, but the latest and greatest is temporarily not

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FTP(S) server clean up 15 October

Due to the huge amount of ‘old’ and unused data, a clean up will be initiated for both Offer and Content data on FTP and FTPS servers ( and Clean up will start in week 42 (15 to 21

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Datamodel preview September available

The preview for the next quarter release (01-09-2018) of our Datamodel is available for download. Please check for more information

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New datamodel announcement

The next major update to the Datamodel (content) is scheduled for 04-06-2018 (June 4th). A preview of this datamodel will be made available at the begining may and can be found at: Datamodel

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February datamodel preview available

On February 12, the new datamodel will be activated. To prepare for this new model we have released the XML Datamodel that will be used from then on. Please use this to prepare your code and mapping software. The new

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Scheduled maintenance 25-27 August ( on content)

Between 17:00 on 25-08-2017 and 23:55 on 27-08-2017 scheduled maintenance will be performed on our product catalog. During this maintenance you will not be able to add new content (or with a 48 hour delay). This includes adding new products

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New August Datamodel now active

As announced, the new datamodel for August 7 was released today. All EANs currently online will remain on the webshop but might require additional information when updating. Alle new products you wish to add have to match the requirments in

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Last Minute changes to August Datamodel

For August 7 update of our Datamodel some last minute changes have been added. These mostly concern new mandatory attributes in the category Electronics. These attributes al concert packaging size and weight. A new version of both the XML Datamodel

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Scheduled maintenance FTPS-servers 29-05-2017@09:00

This only concerns users of either the Content or Offer FTPS accounts. This does not affect the ‘older’ FTP accounts. At 09:00 we will be implementing changes on the firewall which will allow us to process requests for new accounts

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All new FTP connections now on FTPS.

Starting april we have stopped providing new FTP accounts when one was requested through the Content or Offer FTP Requests forms. All new accounts now use the FTPS protocol. Existing account can continue using their current FTP account or upgrade

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