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New datamodel available

The new quarter release of our datamodel is available on the following page. The planned changes will go live on November 8.

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Content FTP migration guide

As we have indicated, the FTPS method of managing product content will be removed completely from 01-04-2022. The following guide will assist you in selecting a method for uploading product content to your webshop, and help you to get started

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Reminder: Content FTP will be phased out. After 01-04-2022 uploading via Content FTP is no longer possible.

Dear Partners, This messaged is aimed at partner using Content FTPS. If you are not using Content FTPS this message does not apply to you. After 01-04-2022 we stop allowing textual content and images to be delivered via FTPS. Before

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[Resolved] 05-11-2020 – Problems with connecting to our FTP(S) servers

between 08:40 and 09-10 you can had some problem with connecting to our FTP(S) servers both offer and content. Because of this problem you are not able to place your .csv files in the ftps, and for your offer that

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Step by step Content API manual added

In addition to the Content API Reference documentation we have created a new step by step guide to get your content online using the content part of the Retailer API. The Content API was released in May 2020 and

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[15-06-2020] – Planned maintenance FTP(S) servers on 17-06

Planned maintenance of the FTP(S) servers will take place on June 17 between 06:45 and 07:15. Running file transfers via the Offer- or Content FTP(S) will be aborted during the maintenance. New Offer-/Content FTPS feeds are processed as soon as

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Product Content is LIVE in the Retailer API!

A big thanks to all the people and Integration partners who helped on this project! Either by providing us input in advance or helping us during beta-testing! What does this mean? All partners can now post content via the Retailer

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31-10-2019 – Maintenance for our FTP(S) servers. Downtime expected between 05:00 and 07:00

On the 31st of October we will be upgrading our FTP(S) servers which means we will be having downtime during our maintenance window of 05:00 and 07:00. Please make sure your processes sent in updates after our maintenance so you’re

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No more separate quarterly datamodel releases in 2020

Users of the Content-FTP can use the XML Datamodel to determine which classification fits their product and which attributes are available per classification. For the last few years we have released a major new version of the datamodel every quarter.

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[Functional service interruption] Long delay in the processing of content changes

As of yesterday we are having issues with the processing of content changes. This means that the processing time on all content flows (seller dashboard, excel, bulk and content FTPS) is higher than normal and will be over 24-hours. There

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