No more separate quarterly datamodel releases in 2020

Users of the Content-FTP can use the XML Datamodel to determine which classification fits their product and which attributes are available per classification. For the last few years we have released a major new version of the datamodel every quarter. For each of these releases we add a news-item to this website, send an e-mail to all subscribers and post a tweet.

At the start of 2019 we introduced a weekly update to the datamodel in addition to the quarterly updates. These weekly updates contain all updates to that date. This new datamodel is always available at the same location: These weekly releases also contain all information that is present in the quarterly releases.

We have noticed that most of you have switched from the quarterly releases to the weekly releases and do not use the quarterly releases at all anymore. After speaking to some of you we have decided to stop providing separate quarterly updates in favor of the weekly updates.

The last quarterly update that we will provide will be the release for Q1 2020. From that moment on only the weekly updates will remain.

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