Max Integer value reached for OrderItemID

Today we’ve noticed several API users trying to ship an OrderItemID with ID value 2147483647.

While the OrderItemID is a String in our current API, we have noticed many users have mapped this to an Integer in their own applications.

Since 2147483647 is the maximum value for an integer this means that if your application uses an Integer to store the OrderItemID , you can now not ship any new orderitems, this because these all have values higher than 2147483647.

Please convert the OrderItemID value in your system to a string. In the future this value can also contain letters.


In our logs we now see several different API-Users trying to confirm OrderItemID 2147483647, we however believe you are actually trying to confirm a different order, which is now failing.


Note: the OrderItemID is a string in version 2.1 of the API, if you are still using version 2.0, it is a Long.

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