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[Retailer API v3] Upcoming change for the Create offer request

For the v3 create offer flow we have a process status that includes a EntityID with which we share the OfferID related to the created offer. Right now we return the EntityID also when the request is still pending or

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[Resolved – ] Updating offers through Retailer API version 3

Unfortunately we have noticed that the updating of price and stock for offers on the third version of the API currently results in 500 errors. This means that updates are not coming through and will not be processed as a

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[API – Offer performance issues] Delay in the processing time

As of this morning we are again faced with increased processing times for the Offer API crossing all versions and both the updates, inserts and deletes of offers. We are doing our utmost to quickly decrease the processing time and in

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[Service delay] Increased offer processing time

Unfortunately we are once again faced with problems regarding our offer processing time. Our database currently has a 1 hour delay on the processing time of updates, inserts and deletes. This applies to all versions of the Offer API and

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[service interruption] API Offer Export not functioning

As you may have noticed we currently are faced with problems concerning the Offer Export. Currently we can’t provide you with fast enough responses on the Offer Exports which means you will continuously receive a status ‘is still being processed’.

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[Resolved] Increased processing time on offer updates and deletes

Unfortunately our database currently has a 1 hour delay on the processing time of updates, inserts and deletes. This applies to all versions of the Offer API and the FTPS and impacts all alterations of offers. Re-sending requests will not

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[resolved] Service slowdown on offer processing

Currently we are experiencing a slowdown with the Offer processing. All services are up and running and processing your requests, however our response is slower than usual. Problems you might experience: Offer export file takes longer to process or is

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New Terms of Service for Retailer API

New terms of service for the Retailer API have been published and are available at: These new terms of service will go into effect in two weeks and will replace the current terms of service that you have

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[Resolved] [Service Interuption] Extreme Slowdown and timeouts on API

** UPDATE 09:35 Interruption resolved ** The interruption has been resolved, we are now processing the increased queues which will result in slower responses ** UPDATE 09:35 Interruption resolved ** Currently we are experiencing a service interruption that is affecting

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EOF- Delay in offer publications for the Offer API (Resolved)

Unfortunately we are currently having issues with our processing time for the offers inserted, updated and deleted with the use of the API. Right now the processing time is approaching fifty minutes for all the API offer updates. We are

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