[Retailer API v2] Delay in the processing of the Offer Export.

At the moment the processing time of offer exports on the V2 is delayed by a hour. This means that for the retrieval of a offer export a status code ‘412 Precondition Failed’ will be returned for far longer than normally would be the case.

The error message will look like this:

<Errors xmlns=”https://plazaapi.bol.com/offers/xsd/api-2.0.xsd”>
<ErrorMessage>Offer file ‘YiSaHjjFMjuOfAZgTtysjdYSXUPAFVCtmyDUzSBCRKM20191211103132949.csv’ is still being processed</ErrorMessage>


Please wait for the process to finish as the processing is still ongoing, just majorly delayed.


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