[Retailer API – V3] (Resolved) GET single offer returns a 404 Not found

Because of the issues of yesterday we are still faced with a service interruption in our offer landscape. Specifically the GET single offer call doesn’t function and in most cases will return a status 504 – gate-way time-out. This means that retrieving your offers on version 3 currently doesn’t work.

Other flows aren’t impacted. The creation of new offers and the retrieval of Offer ID’s should still function.

We are hard at work at resolving the issue. More updates will follow as soon as we have them.


Update 12:15 – Unfortunately the release caused a new problem which causes offers not be found at our end. All GET single offer requests now end with a 404 not found.

Update: 13:30 – as of 13:00 this issue has been resolved and GET single offer requests on v3 should work normally again.

Geplaatst in Offer API, Plaza API