[Retailer API v3] Upcoming change for the Create offer request

For the v3 create offer flow we have a process status that includes a EntityID with which we share the OfferID related to the created offer. Right now we return the EntityID also when the request is still pending or when the request ends in a failure.

In those cases the offerID can’t be used for update or delete requests as the offer has not actually been created in our database. We have noticed that a lot of retailers are using OfferID’s which were related to failed offer create events and expect those updates to alter their offer, which isn’t the case.

Specific example

We see a lot of create offers requests being send in for combinations of seller ID’s and EAN’s that already have a active offer in our database. That means we can’t create a new offer and return a ‘duplicate offer error’. When you use the OfferID for that failed offer create request for further updates and deletes then nothing can be done and the original offer remains unaffected.

This means that there’s a load on our systems of useless requests and also a incorrect expectation for the seller which could lead to offers still being active despite delete requests being send in.

Upcoming change

We will be changing this flow by only returning the EntityID when the offer request ends in a success. If you poll a process status request that is on pending, time-out or failure then we will return an empty EntityID. For the process status ‘pending’ please re-poll the process status later to retrieve the EntityID (offerID) as the request is still being processed.

Please check if your process can accept an empty EntityID and otherwise make sure you adjust your systems to be compatible with this new flow. This means you will also have to include a process that tries the process status request until the status reaches ‘succes’.


We intend to release this change in two weeks time depending on the feedback we receive regarding this step. The current release date is set on 02-09.

Do you have any concerns, feedback or questions then please contact us at zakelijkverkopen@bol.com.

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