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API and FTPS maintenance 30-10-2018 06.00-07.00

Tomorrow morning we will be performing maintenance to some of the services that process the API and FTPS feeds. We expect minor impact which can result in slightly higher response times and at most time-outs for requests. FTPS files placed

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FTP(S) server clean up 15 October

Due to the huge amount of ‘old’ and unused data, a clean up will be initiated for both Offer and Content data on FTP and FTPS servers ( and Clean up will start in week 42 (15 to 21

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Scheduled maintenance OFFER API 31-07-2018

Tuesday morning at 06:30 we will be performing scheduled maintenance to the services connected to the Offer API. We will start at 06:30 and expect this maintenance to last a maximum of 15 minutes. During this time any requests sent

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Scheduled maintenance FTPS-servers 29-05-2017@09:00

This only concerns users of either the Content or Offer FTPS accounts. This does not affect the ‘older’ FTP accounts. At 09:00 we will be implementing changes on the firewall which will allow us to process requests for new accounts

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All new FTP connections now on FTPS.

Starting april we have stopped providing new FTP accounts when one was requested through the Content or Offer FTP Requests forms. All new accounts now use the FTPS protocol. Existing account can continue using their current FTP account or upgrade

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Reduced commission list available through Offer FTP.

As you may have noticed when using the offer FTP, a new file has been placed in the root of your ftp-account.This file: Verlaging_Bemiddelingsbijdrage_23052017_0930.csv contains a list of all EAN’s that qualify for a reduction on the commission fee. We will

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Sign up for technical updates

Many sellers and intermediairies have requested that we send e-mail updates whenever major changes to our API or FTPS connections are scheduled or released. Of course we always post these on this site and twitter, but as requested we will

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Offer FTP Storing – 08-08-2016 (solved)

Helaas hebben we op dit moment een storing met ons systeem die de offer bestanden verwerkt die via FTP worden aangeboden. Er wordt op dit moment hard aan gewerkt om het euvel te verhelpen. Als workaround zou er tijdelijk gebruik

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Nieuwe versie offerFTP CSV bestand (2.3)

Er is een nieuwe versie beschikbaar van het CSV bestand dat kan worden aangeboden via de Offer-FTP. Deze nieuwe versie ondersteunt een extra kolom ‘Fulfillment by’. De kolom ‘Fulfillment by’ kan gevuld worden met de waardes ‘verkoper’  en ‘lvb’. Op

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